Once again on behalf of the entire I AM BRAVE team we want to say THANK YOU for trusting us!

 Arrival Time for Sponsors is 8am

9:30 guest arrive, you must be set up by then.



Full Sail University

Please don't forget:

  1. 6 ft Table - Dr. Phillips has grey spandex table linens that must be used.
  2. Banners / Signage  – Make sure you have all you will need, nothing is worse than leaving out a portion of your company.
  3. Promotional Material-Brochures, post cards, flyers etc. get left behind more often than not.
  4. Extension cord -You don't know if you will be placed close to an outlet, if it is vital, bring a few. 
  5. Tape– Scotch, Duct, Masking, Packing, Double Sided – any kind of tape you can think of, you’ll need one kind or another.
  6. Business Cards – Hand out your contact information to as many qualified leads as you can.
  7. Appropriate Cords to connect computer to TV monitor - Self explanatory.
  8. Gum/Breath-mints - Everyone loves fresh breath.
  9. Computer Charger/Phone/Ipad Charger– Devices won’t last all day with constant use, make sure your device makes it through the entire day
  10. Containers to hold your giveaways – Candy dish, bowl for business cards, pen cup, etc.


  • Candy (Drive traffic to your Exhibit Space)
  • Create a giveaway (Engage the Women)


Please submit all guest by September 5th

All Sponsors can load in through the loading dock which is located at the back of the building off of Rosalind Ave, between South St and Anderson St.

There will be a security check point for anyone entering the building- guests, sponsors, volunteers, etc. Anyone arriving before the doors open for the conference are to enter through the loading dock entrance.

I have attached information for convenience.


Unloading Information 

To the left is the unloading and loading area for Sponsors and Exhibitors on the side of the venue.