Once again on behalf of the entire I AM BRAVE team we want to say THANK YOU for trusting us!

 Arrival Time for Sponsors is 8am If you would like to arrive earlier please let leadership know

9:00am guest arrive, you must be set up by then.



Full Sail University

Please don't forget:

  1. Banners / Signage – Make sure you have all you will need, nothing is worse than leaving out a portion of your company.

  2. Promotional Material-Brochures, post cards, flyers etc. get left behind more often than not.

  3. Extension cord -You don't know if you will be placed close to an outlet, if it is vital, bring a few.

  4. Tape– Scotch, Duct, Masking, Packing, Double Sided – any kind of tape you can think of, you’ll need one kind or another.

  5. Business Cards – Hand out your contact information to as many qualified leads as you can.

  6. Appropriate Cords to connect computer to TV monitor - Self explanatory.

  7. Gum/Breath-mints - Everyone loves fresh breath.

  8. Computer Charger/Phone/Ipad Charger– Devices won’t last all day with constant use, make sure your device makes it through the entire day

  9. Containers to hold your giveaways – Candy dish, bowl for business cards, pen cup, etc.


  • Candy (Drive traffic to your Exhibit Space)

  • Create a giveaway (Engage the Women)


Please submit all guest by September 5th

I have attached information for convenience.


Unloading Information

To the left is the unloading and loading area for Sponsors and Exhibitors on the side of the venue.