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Chelsea Clinton & Cecile Richards are Frustrated with the Senate's Health Care Bill

Chelsea Clinton & Cecile Richards at Blogher Conference

Chelsea Clinton & Cecile Richards at Blogher Conference

“They did what?!” 

That was my reaction when Chelsea Clinton and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards addressed an audience of approximately 2,000 women at BlogHer17 conference, that Senate Republicans released the text of their health care overhaul plan. Which included a drafting process where women were literally shut out of the room and the discussion. 

“This incredibly important piece of legislation that was meticulously crafted by 13 white men,” Richards began — before Clinton jumped in adding “in secret” — “ends access to Planned Parenthood to millions of folks in this country.”

I don’t know ladies, but it seems pretty convenient to me, for men to make changes on something so easily when they don’t have a uterus and there would be no shift in their life and work if their wives were to get pregnant.

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How To Connect Your Passion With Purpose

Ambassador Melanne Verveer,  Diane von Furstenberg and Kim Azzarelli celebrating the release of “Fast Forward: How Women Can Achieve Power and Purpose,” (Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Seneca Women/AP Images)

1. Cultivate Confidence

2. Challenge Your Fears

3. Figure Out What Matters To You

4. Connect With Others

Cultivate Confidence:

“One major obstacle facing women as they seek to achieve their goals is the confidence deficit,”  say Verveer and Azzarelli. Part of knowing your power is identifying your strengths—and weaknesses. The authors suggest taking inventory of your unique skills and literally writing down what truly differentiates you and owning those distinctions. This exercise, they believe, can counteract an unfortunate tendency so many women fall victim to, the “imposter syndrome”—the effect Claire Shipman and Katty Kay discussed in their book The Confidence Code—where women feel like “frauds” even as they rise through the ranks and achieve success. Pinpointing your talents is one way to counteract that tendency and better harness the qualities that can empower your growth versus derail it.

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The Leadership Philosophy of 3 P's: Passion, Purpose, People

Passion is what shapes your purpose in life and in business. When the idea for a venture or a cause starts taking shape, purpose is what ultimately helps define it. But most importantly, that same shared purpose is what brings together your tribe, the community of people (both internal employees and external partners and customers) who believe in your cause, in what you are trying to build. That shared passion, that shared belief, is what motivates people, gives them the sense of belonging and excites them about accomplishing the same mission and being a part of your movement.

Ask yourself this: "If I remove my company's logo from the slides I am presenting to the community, would anyone recognize what company I am talking about?" That emotional connection that people share is what's so crucial -- it is about surrounding yourself with people (employees, partners, clients, and vendors) who believe what you believe. The emotional connection, where people can relate to you, creates authenticity, it breeds trust and sparks innovation.

No matter how you look at it, no matter which field you are in, no matter how brilliant your ideas are, success is a team sport. -- Ekaterina Walker               Continue reading


Conscious knowledge of one's own character

Ones own character humph; well that would be simple if we were not ever changing but I think that thought is a real one to question within yourself if you are at a point where you don’t know self and you are still searching for self and then someone is asking you well….Are you self-aware?

Understand what your strengths and weaknesses are and being at peace with your weaknesses and understanding that if you want to be a singer but you just cant sing then your time would be much better spent on what you are ACTUALLY good at.

It’s good to admire but try to stay in you DNA.

If not you will never succeed to your maximum self; how could it be self when you wanted to be them…and changed self.

Just because it’s cool to be a startup founder right now does not mean that that is what you are supposed to do.

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Strike a Power Pose to Instantly Boost Self-Worth

Leading Body Language Expert Susan Constantine and Executive Director Vyky Rifai

Unknowingly our body language can minimize or increase our authority instantly. Often women will either over compensate or under communicate authoritative body language and voice tone.

Often, we don’t even realize it’s happening: We may have an amazing idea we know for sure will be a game changer to our company yet our colleagues are quite unenthused about our "game changing" idea. 

While our body subconsciously recoils inward—shoulders curve forward, arms cross and eyes cast downward.

It’s an instinctual response meant for self-protection, but new research suggests this guarded stance only leaves us feeling more defeated and small. “We quickly change the way we feel just by altering our body language,” asserts communication expert Susan Constantine, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reading Body Language.

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September 19th, 2015


When I walked out of the I Am Brave Success Seminar I was a changed woman, it was that simple. I will never take for granted the power of a powerful woman's words. Thank you! -Tiffany Hamilton


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